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Robotic Heart (Googleplier X Reader)
Warning: Swearing.
'Oh great. He's not moving again.'
I looked over at the robotic friend of mine standing in the kitchen doorway, frozen in mid step. He was hold a glass of water in his hand but it was spilling over due to it being tilted over in his position.
"Google? You alright there?"
All I got back was a glare from the only part of his body that actually works when he gets like this. His eyes. He looks at me with a look that was begging for help so I got up from my living room couch.
"I've gotcha big guy," I say, poking fun at the fact that he was 6 inches taller than me. I was only 5'2" and Google stood at 5'8". I gripped his arm and took the glass from his hand to keep it from slipping onto him more than it was and placed it on the ground to my right. I reached for his left arm and attempted to get his arm to move to only have no luck.
He's been glitching recently. Almost every day now for the past two weeks actually. He'll stop whatever he's doing and freeze in place
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 43 22
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Googleplier/Darkiplier/Wilford Warfstache x Reader
Just a warning this has sexual references.
( h/c ) = Hair colour
( e/c ) = eye colour
( f/w ) = favourite weapon
( f/c ) = Favourite colour
( s/k ) = Skin Colour
Your P.O.V.
Checking your phone you see Matthias ( your close friend and husband to your best friend Amanda ) had texted saying he had received a google IRL that looked a lot like mark. You found this hard to believe so you texted back
                          [ Matt ]
Matt : Just got my google IRL looks just like mark. Super creepy. Amanda went out for lunch. SOS.
You : It cant be that bad just ignore the fact its asian like.
Matt : So funny. Ha Ha Ha. LOLOLOLOL
Matt : lol**
Matt : I dislike autocorrect
:iconxelliie1:xElliie1 145 61
~Shoveling~ Russia x Country!Reader


Russia x Country!Reader

     (Y/N) was standing on the tall roof of her house. She was scraping the ice and thick amounts of snow from the multi-colored shingles. She silently cursed herself whenever she stumbled. She hated winter with a strong passion. The snow was unbearably thick and cold, and she hated shoveling the heavy white stuff. The other countries didn't like to help either. She was typically left alone to do the job. Fortunately, someone had come over today - and that meant they would be forced to help.
     Just as one of the many countries approached the house, she leaped down from the roof - landing in the deep snow. (Y/N) climbed out from the bank, dusting all the white stuff off. Russia was standing in the mouth of the driveway, holding a few sunflowers in his left hand. She stumbled forward, half-limping from previously falling from the roof. Russia gave her a g
:iconepicjaxx:EpicJaxx 105 7
MasterRussiaXReader- Disguised as a Boy 2

"Thirdly, from now on you will call me 'master'." He let go, seeing that (Name's) grip was loosening. leaving (Name) gasping for air. "Aren't you going to thank me for giving you a job, Little Sunflower?" (Name) clenched her teeth. At the moment she knew she wouldn't last against him. "You should be happy, any other man over here wouldn't have given you a job if he found out you were a little girl." (Name) pushed herself up.


"Tomorrow meet me here with anything you need, you will not need clothes, I can provide you with that." Ivan continued. "Any other secrets, sunflower?" He asked. (Name) shook her head. "Well, I will tell you then, some people might call me Russia, I am it's personification." (Name) froze. This guy was Russia? If he found out she was a little country...she gulped. "So don't try to run because you know, you won't be able to, and if you do..." He stared at her. "You will be punished
:iconxenophonxena:XenophonXena 168 113
KingRussiaXReader Roses or Sunflowers

(Name) knew what day it was. The day one male from each family would be chosen to become part of the the army or the group of blacksmiths. (Name) knew that none of her stepbrothers would dare walk out and become a blacksmith for the king, creating weapons. 
That's why she was standing there wrapping her hair up and placing it under a cap. She stared in the mirror for a while. It seemed enough to fool someone to think that she was a boy. And anyway if she didn't do this, the girl from the family would just be made into a servant in the kings castle. (Name) preferred the thought of being a blacksmith. She knew her foster family intended on letting her be took as a servant and she wasn't taking any chances.
Quickly, she walked into the crowd of the other men and women. It was crowded and family names were being read out as each member of the family stepped out. She watched as no one stepped out for a family and a few soldiers walked up to the fami
:iconxmajutsu-shix:XMajutsu-shiX 473 184
My wyverns on a mod I've got on minecraft :D by DinosaursForeva My wyverns on a mod I've got on minecraft :D :icondinosaursforeva:DinosaursForeva 1 0 WIP - Horse Riding Sketches by Cid-Vicious WIP - Horse Riding Sketches :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 62 3


I have an imagination - Fear me
I made a stop animation for media arts if any of you are interested…
  • Listening to: Kill Your Heroes by AWOLNATION


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